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5 tips from one dog parent to another!

Owning a dog is a wonderful experience that can last for years. Dogs are angels who love unconditionally and we simply ADORE them! At Mighty Petz, before being a brand that loves offering fur babies the best ingredients to live a healthy, happy life, we are dog lovers and dog parents.

We’d love to share some tips that we learned over the years of having these beautiful creatures as soulmates.


Treats are absolutely essential to have close by when you are teaching your pet something new. Pups love getting tasty treats, and you love giving them.

giving treats to dogs


Letting your pet play around and tire themselves out, taking them for walks when they can sniff, and giving them tasks is necessary for their mental health. Being active is not only good for our pups but also for our health;) So it’s a win-win.


Being patient and loving should be your best qualities!

Both characteristics are needed when it comes to teaching your dog new things and setting rules. 


Remember, prevention is better than cure!

Make sure your pup is vaccinated, that they are eating a healthy balanced diet, have good hygiene (bathed & groomed regularly). You should also look out for any seasonal issues such as allergies, ticks, etc. You may also consider using pet supplements. Check out this article to discover 5 instances in which supplements are necessary for your furry friend’s well-being.

Link: https://mightypetz.com/blogs/news/do-dogs-really-need-supplements   

Keep in mind, sharing your life with a dog is a great responsibility. If you’d like to enjoy their unconditional love for years to come, make sure you’re doing everything you can to keep them as healthy as possible.

dog lying on the carpet


At Mighty Petz, we strongly believe our pets are a part of our family.

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