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5 Funny Tricks To Teach Your Cat

If you’ve been on TikTok lately, you may have come across videos of people training their cats to use a button system to express what they want. It’s an amazing achievement, given the fact that cats are usually thought of as untrainable. But, with the right attitude, you can definitely teach your kitty a few tricks and enjoy playing with them even more!

PS: For the best results, it’s recommended to use a clicker when teaching them new tricks. Clicker training is a form of positive reinforcement training. It was created by a marine mammal trainer using a whistle rather than a clicker, so the sound could be heard underwater. The clicker or whistle tells the animal that whatever they’re doing is correct and will be rewarded.

Top 5 Funny Tricks 

1- Fetch

To teach your cat to fetch, rub water from a tuna can on their favorite toy and throw it just out of reach. If the cat walks to the toy or picks it up, click your clicker and give them a treat.
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Grey cat fetching the packaging 

2- Sit

Sit on the floor with a clicker hidden in one hand and a treat in the other. Call your cat over to you and hold the treat slightly above their head. As the cat’s eyes follow the treat, they’ll automatically sit down. When this happens, click the clicker, and reward them.

3- Hand Shake

When your kitty is  sitting still, hold a treat in one hand and place the other hand behind one of their front paws. Give their paw a bump. When they lift their paw, tell them to shake and reward them with a treat. Eventually they will start to raise their paw on their own, expecting a treat.

4- Come

Stand up and move away from your cat. As your cat comes toward you (even a little bit), click, and give them a treat.

5- Hide and Seek!

Take three cups and place them in front of your cat. Hide a tasty treat underneath one; be sure to show your cat the treat and action clearly. Then shuffle the cups. It should come naturally to many cats to find the treat, as their sharp eyes are designed for spotting and stalking predators. 


Which of these tricks are you eager to teach your kitty?

Happy International Cat Day!

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