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Secrets To Fixing Your Furry Friend's Destructive Behavior

Ever came back home to your favorite shoe destroyed by your pup? Or that expensive couch you saved up for, for ages, completely scratched up by your kitty? It could be frustrating!
Fortunately, there are ways to redirect their attention to other objects.


Puppies engage in chewing action to help them deal with the aches of teething, it is also one of the ways they explore the world. Adult dogs, however, do it for a lot of different reasons, namely:

🔸 As a puppy, they weren't taught what to chew and what not to chew.
🔸 They're bored.
🔸 They suffer from separation anxiety.
🔸 Their behavior is fear-related.
🔸  They want attention.
 frenchie chewing shoe



1- Teach them what to chew: Introduce toys and take responsibility by keeping your things out of the way.

2- Give your dog plenty of people-time

3- Extend playtime as much as possible

4- Try a deterrent like Mighty Petz’s No-Chew Dog Spray


Keep in mind that chewing is normal behavior for dogs is important, so be patient!


Cats, on the other hand, practice scratching to stretch out their bodies and extend and retract their nails. It's also their way of leaving scent.

Stress in cats can also cause excessive scratching, a few of the triggers include:

🔸 Changes in the schedules of humans in the home.
🔸 A new pet or person in the house.
🔸 Loss of a pet or person in the home.
🔸 The presence of outdoor animals, especially other cats.
🔸 Home remodeling or re-arranging.
🔸 Moving.
🔸 Holiday hub-bub or parties.
cat scratching blue couch


Eliminating any of these issues can help reduce this behavior,
but there are also a few measures you could take to help.

1- Placing a scratching post right next to the furniture your kitty is currently scratching.

2- Detering the cat from scratching furniture by placing double-sided sticky tape on it. 

3- Praising and offering food rewards whenever your cat scratches her scratching post.

4- Using a good anti-scratch product like Mighty Petz’s Cat Repellent Spray For Cats


Destructive behavior is never okay in cats or dogs, so do whatever you can to protect your home and your furry friends. Sometimes it may seem that your pet is just acting out but other times it may be a sign of a more serious issue. Keep an eye out on their behavior and don’t forget to get help if necessary.

Source: https://bit.ly/39d1uCk

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