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Ear Infection Prevention


An ear infection can be a painful and uncomfortable condition.

If your pooch is showing any common symptoms of ear infections, then it is essential that you take him/her to your vet as soon as you can to avoid possible complications.


Here are the signs and symptoms of an ear infection:

- Dark discharge
- Head shaking
- Scratching at the affected ear
- Itchiness
- Pain
- Crusting or scabs in their ears
- Redness and swelling of the ear canal


It should be noted that, before taking your pup to the vet, you should rule out any ordinary issues like dirty ears, especially if your fur baby has floppy ones!

Try using an ear cleaner like Mighty Petz's Dog Ear Cleaner, this will save you time and money! However if it is an ear infection, the doctor might start with the administration of a medicated ear cleaner. In some serious cases, the doctor may also prescribe oral antibiotics as well as anti-inflammatory medications. 


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