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Dog Teeth Cleaning Spray

Dog Teeth Cleaning Spray

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All-natural dog teeth cleaning spray. Dog bad breath home remedy.


2-in-1 Dog dental cleaning with no brushing.  Dog bad breath home remedy, tartar & dog plaque remover. Consists of 100% natural & natural 8 ingredients.


FRESH BREATH = MORE KISSES & CUDDLES – You’d love to kiss & cuddle your dog but his/her breath smells like dead crawfish? You can stop feeling bad about not wanting to show affection to your pet now – 100% natural ingredients in our dog teeth cleaning spray work on the enzymatic level to help to eliminate the cause of dog’s bad breath, so you can enjoy kissing fresh dog’s breath & show your fur baby how much you love him/her!

LESS DENTAL PROBLEMS - PLAQUE OFF, LESS TARTAR + HEALTHIER GUMS – Gum and teeth disease start slowly & silently (usually no visible symptoms) but they can cause serious pain & problems to both you and your pet. Our Dog Dental Cleaning Spray makes a good use of natural thyme properties, as well as green pigments found in parsley & peppermint to help to prevent gums irritation, plaque & tartar build-up. You will be able to save on dog teeth cleaning cost.

NO HASSLE with NO BRUSHING – Yes, dog toothpaste and toothbrush are recommended as best daily home dental care but wouldn’t it be great to have something that makes your life just a little bit easier for dog teeth cleaning? Our Dog Mouthwash is exactly that! Green pigments found in parsley & peppermint help to prevent residue on your dog’s teeth, so your daily routine can be easy & effortless. Spray directly into your pet's mouth & add to water for a hassle-free dog dental cleaning.

GIVE YOUR DOG WHAT’S BEST - with ONLY 8 INGREDIENTS - 100% NATURAL – We use nothing but 100% purely natural ingredients. What is worth a health product riddled with chemicals? Using our Dog Teeth Cleaning Treats you can be sure you give your dog only nature’s best. No alcohol. Non-toxic. No artificial flavors or colors. No artificial sweeteners. No stevia.

EXTRA DIGESTION AID – Choose our Dog Mouthwash not only as dog bad breath home remedy but also to help their digestion. Green pigments found in parsley & peppermint contain lycopene and carotenes that help to clean the blood, neutralize odors, soothe upset stomachs and even reduce gas in dogs.