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All natural Anti Scratch Spray for cats, 8 oz

All natural Anti Scratch Spray for cats, 8 oz

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Cat repellent spray to help you train your cat to stop  scratching on inappropriate objects.


Made with organic rosemary, vanilla and cinnamon. Doesn’t stain. Easy to use on all surfaces indoors & outdoors. Comes with BONUS VIDEO to help your cat stop scratching on inappropriate things.


Your cat won’t stop scratching your couch? This is your best anti scratch spray for cats.


STOP CATS from SCRATCHING on inappropriate objects – You love your pet to bits but can’t help to get a little annoyed or frustrated when you beloved kitty scratched your new couch AGAIN! Or you can’t stop worrying about your fur baby eating your favorite plant. You can relax now – we’ve got this! Our cat repellent spray is an incredible substitute to harsh training methods. Its innovative formula does not scare or harm your pet, it makes the surface it’s sprayed on smell awful to deter cats.
It's the winner that comes with LIFETIME SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

DOESN’T STAIN - ALL NATURAL CAT REPELLENT FORMULA – Our unique 6 natural ingredients formula created by vets contains Certified Organic Rosemary, Vanilla and Cinnamon extracts to help to keep your cat from scratching. This cat deterrent spray contains no chemical agents, so you can be sure it’s SAFE for you, your pet and the surfaces you spray it on. It contains no alcohol, so it lasts longer and is non-toxic.

CAT TRAINING AID + BONUS VIDEO – Scratching is a natural cat’s behavior but I bet you don’t want your favorite coffee table or curtains to be ripped apart by your much-loved pet! The aim of using our anti scratch spray is to help cat training by making the ‘no no’ objects scratch proof. Make sure you watch our BONUS training tips VIDEO - HOW TO TRAIN YOUR CAT TO STOP SCRATCHING ON INAPPROPRIATE THINGS, prepared especially for you by an experienced vet.

SAFE TO USE ON ALL SURFACES – INDOORS & OUTDOORS - Our cat deterrent spray is safe for various surfaces including: wood, fabric, leather, suede, microfiber, carpet, stone, marble, rope, bamboo, veneer, stucco, plaster, plastic, rubber, cork board, houseplants and garden plants but test a small area prior to use. It’s the best anti scratch spray for cats you’ve been looking for.

OUR PROMISE & TRANSPARENCY – We put our hearts, professional expertise and experience into creating AMAZING products that caring Pet Parents will love. We are completely transparent about what ingredients we use. We don’t hide them under vague terms. We’re CONFIDENT that our cat repellent spray for furniture will help to stop your cat from scratching on inappropriate objects. However, if you are not fully satisfied, just contact us and we’ll make things right. No questions asked!