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Why you should never pat a dog on the head

We all love patting our dogs, and most of us go straight to their heads. Unfortunately, for a dog, that can be a threatening gesture. 

Some people can be quite rough when patting fur babies on their heads, which may not be a good experience for the dog. The head is a private comfort zone for a dog that people shouldn’t violate. Dogs allow their parents to touch their heads because the hierarchy does not allow them to react with aggression. However, remember that it is not something that pups enjoy. With all of that said, how should you do it?

1- Don’t Allow Strangers to Pat Your Dog on the Head

It is best for your dog’s comfort if you don’t allow strangers to pat them on the head.

2- Teach Your Dog Head Pats Are a Good Thing 

Remember to use a clicker and reward your furry friend each time you pat them on the head.

3- Consult your vet

Sometimes being head shy can be a sign of illness, so it is better to consult with your vet and get this behavior checked out.

dog giving paw

Patting your dog on the head is not very amusing to them, so it is better to switch our love strokes to areas they will enjoy it.

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  • Im not fully believing this…it may be true for some dogs,but my boy is putty in my hands when i pat him and rub his head He absolutely loves it!!

    Scott Kearns

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