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Free Feeding vs. Scheduled Meals: Which is Best?

When it comes to feeding your dog, you may not pay much attention to portion size or mealtimes. But know that there's more to consider if you want to offer your pup a full, healthy, and happy life.

What is the difference between free feeding and scheduled feeding?

Free feeding is basically leaving the food out for your dog at all hours of the day while scheduled feeding means you are offering your pooch a set amount of kibble, or alternative food, one to two times a day.

Although free feeding sounds like the better option and one that will ensure your pet doesn’t go hungry; scheduled feeding is recommended by veterinarians because of THESE benefits:

- Scheduled feeding is more sanitary

- Scheduled feeding allows you to easily track your pooch’s food intake which can help alert you to possible sickness

- Scheduled feeding offers a bonding opportunity

- Scheduled feeding allows you to estimate when your dog will need to relieve himself.

Free feeding is discouraged because:

  • It can lead to obesity
  • One pet may eat all the food
  • Limited to dry food diet
  • The inability to monitor pet’s eating habits

What is your opinion?

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  • I have always been a scheduled feeder. allows intake control, observation of change in appetite, weight control. Never liked free feeding. I miss the opportunity to oversee her health.

    Good topic. Thanks!

    Gail S Green

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