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5 things your dog thinks about when you are not around

Have you ever wondered what your pouch is thinking when you’re not around? Well, we got a few ideas, so buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Scenario 1: 

Dog: my owner has been gone for 2 seconds.

911: Have you tried chewing the couch?

Scenario 2: 

Dog: I can’t believe they wouldn’t take me to work with them. I promised not to chew on paper again!

Scenario 3:

Human: Leaves home

Dog: Time to practice my howling skills!

Scenario 4:

Dog: Let me see if I can get the neighbor’s dog to pretend we’re being kidnapped.

...Starts barking uncontrollably!

Scenario 5:

I’m JUST saying, if we evolved from wolves, WHY are there still wolves!

What do you think YOUR fur baby is thinking when you’re out of the house?

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