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How to Choose the Best Pet Supplement?

Choosing the right supplement for your dog can be challenging, although there are many brands out there producing supplements, only a few actually put an honest effort into their products. Luckily there are ways for you to distinguish the good ones from the bad. Keep reading to find out how.

1- Look For The Active Ingredients: 

Checking the active ingredients list on the product should be your main priority. Vitamins, bacterial colony count, types of fatty acids, glucosamine, etc… All should have levels of above average concentration!

At Mighty Petz, our products contain high concentrations of active ingredients to ensure maximum absorption of health-boosting nutrients into your fur baby’s system. The best part? There is no surcharge or extra fees!

2- Research the company

The main objective is to buy from a company you trust. That’s why your steps in the hunt for a good product should be the following:

 Find reviews, impressions, and client satisfaction online about the company

 Investigate the origin of the product if it’s made in the USA or not.

  Test the company’s customer service

Or you can simply join our Mighty Petz Family! We are trusted by hundreds of happy pet parents, adhere to all of the above criteria, and only use high-quality US and globally sourced ingredients. From the most reputable suppliers.

3- Certification Standards

When it comes to certifications, the more the merrier!

Look for products that:

 Have GMP, FDA, and NASC seals.

 Are vet-forumulated

 And cruelty-free.

4- Satisfaction Guarantee, & Company Refund Policy 

We Know the Importance of Taste! From Golden Retrievers that’ll eat anything to picky Pomeranians, dogs and cats come with different likes, temperaments, and taste buds. You never know whether your pet will like the taste and we know that that's why we have a 100% taste guarantee policy. Our goal is to treat all of our customers as VIPPs (Very Important Pet Parents!).


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