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Secrets to Fixing your puppy’s dental issues!

Oral hygiene is an important factor in a dog’s overall health and can extend their life up to four years if actively maintained.

Common signs of dental disease include:

🔸 Bad breath
🔸 Difficulty eating or reduced appetite
🔸 Tooth loss
🔸 Pawing and rubbing of the mouth, Bleeding gums, yellow-brown tartar buildup on teeth
🔸 Drooling

Fortunately, it is easy to prevent gum canine disease. Usually, daily brushing and a healthy diet should do the trick. You can even use a cleaning spray that requires no brushing and removes tartar and bad breath such as Mighty Petz’s Dog Teeth Cleaning Spray.

Get all the kisses back and help your pup lead a healthier life!


Source: https://bit.ly/33Y9kwF 

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