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Secrets to your pup’s dental issues!

Oral hygiene is an important factor in a dog’s overall health and can extend their life up to four years if actively maintained.

Common signs of dental disease include:

🔸 Bad breath
🔸 Difficulty eating or reduced appetite
🔸 Tooth loss
🔸 Pawing and rubbing of the mouth
🔸 Bleeding gums, yellow-brown tartar buildup on teeth
🔸 Drooling


Fortunately, it is easy to prevent gum canine disease. Usually, daily brushing and a healthy diet should do the trick. You can even use a cleaning spray that requires no brushing and helps to remove tartar and bad breath such as Mighty Petz’s Dog Teeth Cleaning Spray.

Get all the kisses back and help your pup lead a healthier life!


Source: https://bit.ly/33Y9kwF 

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